Who Are You?

I'm Jordan, and for as long as I can remember, I've always loved to be creative. Nothing was ever off limits - I put together quilts, was really into scrapbooking, made my own prom dress (that I never got to wear) and loved mixed media and abstract art.

With age, my style started to develop into something a little more refined, and my love of science fiction and fantasy increased tenfold. Somewhere along the line, the World of Immensum was born. 

What is the World of Immensum?

Fair enough.

In short, the World of Immensum is my passion project. It is a way for me to express myself through the creative culmination of everything that I love (and even a few things that I don't).

Taking on an extended explanation is a bit more difficult, but I'll give it a shot.

Essentially, the World of Immensum is an alternate reality. Every illustration I do and every story I tell has a time and a place, but it all takes place within the same universe. Depending on which planet you're on, what time period it is, and which particular parallel universe you've entered, you could get a completely different story.

Characters in one story might meet someone from another and never know the half of what they've gone through (as is often the case in our own day to day lives) or they might live thousands of years apart (thought they might meet anyways, thanks to the genre that is science fiction). There are fantasy-esque planets, wars that span thousands of years, and more alien races than you can count.

It's a way of exploring how, even in something as vast as a universe, everything is connected.