World of Immensum Weekly Update (Week of 7/10/2017)

The beginning of this week was slow going, but I definitely gained momentum near the end. I think that Monday and Tuesday were rough because I had been busy for a few days prior, so the introvert in me needed some time to relax. However, after reviewing everything I've been working on this week, I'm happy with where I'm at currently.

Art Updates

  • The major art update I have for this week is that I have officially completed my 100 Day Project! The site has been updated to show all of the finished pieces, and they can also be found on my Instagram. The two above photos show how much I progressed over the 100 days, and I'm glad I decided to use markers, since my skills before the project were subpar at best. I'm very happy to see my improvement!
  • I also have quite a few updates concerning the art book I mentioned in last week's post. I have made several major decisions about the format and tone of the book, and have decided how I want to organize it. I have also picked a working title (World of Immensum: Press Start), and organized all of the files I pulled together in the context of this organization scheme. I plan to begin writing descriptions next week.
  • One last note I have to share about my artwork is that I've done several thumbnails of pieces I want to work on in the week that follows. I'm not sure how many, if any, will actually be competed, but I have three pieces that are currently in the idea phase, and since I am no longer doing the 100 Day Project, I should have more time to spare.

Writing Updates

  • As I mentioned in the last post, I am currently in the middle of a writing project titled Binary Tears. The draft is currently at 11,124 words, which means that since the last update I have written 8,440 words. The past few days have been particularly good for the progress of this draft; I'm starting to get familiar enough with the characters that writing them feels familiar, and I'm still liking the way it's coming out.
  • The other thing I have to incorporate into the writing updates section of this post is that I am currently in the process of editing the scripts I wrote last week; five of the video scripts are edited, and only three remain. I'm excited to go into production with this one.

Video Updates

  • I completely edited and posted a sketchbook time lapse that is currently available on my Patreon for early access. It will be available on my Youtube channel on Sunday. This shows the process of several watercolor pages as well as a lot more experimentation that I did in various mediums. It's been a while since I worked in my sketchbook on a regular basis, so it felt good to get back into it.
  • In addition to the video discussed above, I am at various points of completion with several other videos. I have made significant progress on one of my main channel videos, which I'm hoping to have up in the coming week. I have another side channel video waiting to be edited, and I'm fairly certain that video will be up in the coming week as well. There is a second main channel video that isn't quite as close to being completed, and I also recorded another sketchbook video that will likely be live on Youtube the following Sunday.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this post, I'm very happy about the things I was able to achieve this week. I hope I can continue this momentum this coming week, but only time can tell. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I was up to this week and I'll see you next Friday for another update.