World of Immensum Weekly Update (Week of 7/3/2017)

Considering the holiday festivities surrounding July 4, I didn't get quite as much done this week as I typically do. However, I still got a good bit of work done and I want to share it all with you.

Art Updates

  • The first thing I wanted to talk about in today's post is the piece I briefly mentioned in the last one. I completed this piece, The Fountain of Seeing, as an anniversary present for my grandparent's 60th anniversary. I found a way to tie it into the rest of the world. This was available on my Patreon for two days before the rest of the world saw it, so be sure to check that out.
  • Something else that I suppose I can put into the art section of this post is the fact that I have decided to put together an art book that will eventually be available for purchase. I have already taken several steps towards the completion of this project. First and foremost, I went through all of the recent artwork of my own that I could find and pulled together what I consider to be the best of the best.
  • I also put together a plan of attack for the art book discussed above. I have a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to bring this idea to fruition, and it's much shorter than I expected it to be. I expect the list to grow as I find things I forgot.

Writing Updates

  • I began the rewrite of my novella this week, and I feel much happier with it this time around. It is currently at 2,684 words, and I haven't written yet today. I think the planning I put into the project before I began writing definitely helped the story to flow much better. I hope it keeps going at this pace.
  • Something else I decided to work on this week is a Skillshare class. I've actually taught a Skillshare Class before (Creating Artwork with Meaning), and I enjoyed working on it so much that I decided it might be worthwhile to do another. This class in particular is going to be on setting creative goals and actually achieving them. I wrote an outline for this class.
  • In addition, I also went through and wrote scripts for all eight of the videos that will be included in the class. The 2,900 words that went into that project is another reason that my novella word count is so low.

Video Updates

  • I actually have a video to share with all of you this week, and it is a character design time lapse. It's the actual process of completing the piece I shared on the blog last week. This video was also available on my Patreon page before it was out on YouTube.
  • The final video updates I have for you are the WIPs that I've been struggling to get edited. Coincidentally, I actually have the footage for the above (anniversary) piece that is in need of a voice over, and a new sketchbook video that is also awaiting its audio. I'll probably sit down with both videos tomorrow and do a big recording session, both for these videos and a main channel video that I'm extremely close to completing.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I've been up to this week and found it interesting to some extent. Even though this is only the second blog post I've done like this, I really enjoy doing it, so hopefully I continue to enjoy it.