World of Immensum Weekly Update | Making Up for Lost Time

Since there was no weekly update last week due to the hard work I was putting into my One Week Sketchbook challenge, I guess this week was almost like making up for lost time. I got a good bit of work done, and I've made significant progress on quite a few of my major goals. 

I officially set some more long term goals and gave them specific end dates (on my calendar!), so I think that helped a lot.

Art Updates

  • I think the first thing I want to talk about as an art update is the One Week Sketchbook I mentioned previously! It's exactly what it sounds like, where I filled an entire sketchbook in a total of 7 days. There were 60 pages in total, and I probably went a little overboard with how much color and finished work I was putting into the thing. However, as exhausting as the process was, I don't regret it for a second! I'd definitely consider doing it again, but give me about a year to recover first.
  • Another thing that I'm extremely excited about is the introduction of an iPad Pro to my drawing repertoire. It's actually my mom's, but she's been letting me use it to draw on, and I absolutely love it. It definitely makes the process of digital art a lot more achievable, and I completed the two pieces shown above in the past week. I'm also almost completely finished with a third piece, which I'll probably be sharing with all of you next week!

Writing Updates

  • First things first, I was feeling a little guilty for not providing a weekly update, so I updated the blog with a post by the title of 10 Tips for a Better Sketchbook, which I'm really happy with! I was pretty inspired by the One Week Sketchbook I had just completed, and there are a few images from that sketchbook over there if you're interested in seeing them.
  • Another big thing that happened this week as far as my writing is concerned was the completion of the first draft of Binary Tears! I'm pretty happy with the way the novella turned out, as far as a first draft is concerned, but I'm sure I'll think otherwise when I reread it in December, when I plan to start editing.
  • I've also made a bit of progress as far as the descriptions for my art book are concerned; I wrote a total of five this week, and I have nine left. I'm hoping to finish them all off in the coming week, as I set my goal for the 14th.
  • For the final bullet point in my writing updates section, I've updated a couple of pages on my site in an attempt to continue adding interesting content! These two pages are Wandering Roots and With Wings to Fly, so feel free to click on over to those pages if you'd like to read the stories behind the pieces.

Video Updates

  • The first video update I have to share with all of you is the one above; the coloring process that went into Vera Aras. I might be revealing just how much time is between the completion of pieces and their video versions, but that's alright. A new Sketchbook Sunday video is also live.
  • As far as this Sunday is concerned, I have a video scheduled to go up then, and it's a little bit different. Technically it is a sketchbook video, but it's actually a sketchbook tour as opposed to working in my current sketchbook. I'm going to be flipping through the One Week sketchbook I was talking about, so make sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel (worldofimmensumBTS) and subscribe to see when it goes live!
  • On the subject of sketchbook videos, I've also recorded the video and audio for Sketchbook Sunday Episode 7, and I'm definitely going to be working on editing that in the next few days. 

Other Updates

  • Since I can't really put this update within any of the other categories, I decided to make a new one. I've begun working through a programming class (C#), in which I'm learning how to create a 2D platformer. I'd really like to work on games in the future, so this seems like as good of a place to start as any.

In the end, I would consider this week a massive success as far as progress is concerned, and I can't wait to attempt to continue this process in the coming week! Hopefully I can keep it up.