World of Immensum Weekly Update | Art Dump + Video Updates

All things considered (we had family over on Wednesday and Monday was rough) I think I had a pretty productive week. I had a lot of fun working through new concepts and experimenting with things that will hopefully help me grow as an artist. I hope you all enjoy.

Art Updates

  • This week was fairly productive in the art realm. First and foremost, I completed the piece Counting Stars, which is the first piece that you see above. It is a redraw of a sketchbook page I did back in February, and I'm much happier with the way this piece turned out than I was with the original. In theory, the execution of this piece might be better than all of my others.
  • Another thing I did this week was participate in an art trade over on Instagram. I drew the character of another Instagram user known as arleebean, and it was an extremely enjoyable process. Since their character was a merman, it made me want to design a merperson of my own. This piece was the first I had done in watercolors in a while.
  • The other photo shown above is a little experiment I did using the app Procreate on the iPad Pro. I wanted to attempt more of a painterly style, something that would look more like concept art as opposed to illustration. I'm sure I'm going to continue working in my typical style, but I thought this would be interesting for more conceptual work.
  • As far as other art pieces that are in varying stages of completion, I have thumbnails of three different pieces I want to work on completing in the near future. One is a fairly intricate piece of fanart, one is based on Greek mythology, and the last is a completely original piece. I'm not sure what I will be working on first.

Writing Updates

  • My primary writing endeavor this week has been working towards the completion of the descriptions for my art book I've been working on. I had a deadline for the descriptions of art pieces that will be incorporated, and I hit that deadline. Now, I have a few more descriptions remaining - these are more regarding the actual structure of the book and the flow of flipping through it. In the end, I completed 10 descriptions this week.
  • In between the descriptions I was writing, I also managed to put together a new page update. This was for Counting Stars, the piece I mentioned above. I'm really happy with the way it all came together.

Video Updates

  • As far as videos are concerned, I uploaded two this week. I'm attempting to be as consistent as possible, with uploads on every Thursday and Sunday. You can subscribe by searching worldofimmensumBTS on YouTube.
  • This week, I did a sketchbook tour (my very first one!) of my One Week Sketchbook Challenge, and since I'm really happy with the way that sketchbook turned out, you should check it out! The other video I uploaded was the video version of the Counting Stars piece that was previously mentioned. I'm super happy with that one as well.
  • For videos that are currently in the works, I'm working on a Sketchbook Sunday video that will hopefully be up this Sunday and I'm trying to kick myself into recording gear so I can work on a main channel video as well. Acting is hard.

As you can see, I accomplished quite a bit this week, and I think I'm finally starting to nail down a system that works for me. I hope you all enjoyed seeing these updates and I'll be back next week with some more updates!