November 17, 4697.

As of the writing of this public service announcement, Dr. Aiden Yates has still refused to comment. The information presented in the paragraphs that follow is courtesy of Dr. Cedric Mora, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. Mora has extensive work experience with Yates, giving him a solid grasp of his character.

"He has attempted to steal my research before," Dr. Mora says. "After I went public with the information I had gathered regarding artificial intelligence, Yates tried to claim the work as his own. He is likely a pathological liar, and I suspect that he thrives on the act of deceiving others. I would like to go on record saying that he is not to be trusted."

It is recommended that any and all sightings of Yates be reported to the scientific community of the planet of Metallokis II, then promptly forgotten.

Dr. Yates' whereabouts during the past two years are currently unknown, though several people claim to have seen him during this period. It is uncertain if his intentions are hostile, but his avoidance of interaction with others in the community is enough to raise suspicion.

Though we are not suggesting that you panic, please stay safe.

And if Yates is reading this, please turn yourself in. We only want to talk.


PSA courtesy of Gale Anastos

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