Counting Stars


Valari Oda has never been scared of the dark.

Even as a small child, when all of her friends were running to their parent's bedrooms in the dead of night, Valari was thriving. She had immediately recognized that there was nothing she should be scared of more at night than during the daylight, and it had been easy to find a sort of beauty in it.

While during the day, the world was turned on, bustling and full of interaction, it was also loud. This loudness had always been overwhelming for Valari, so she naturally had a preference for the night. 

The night was seemingly the opposite of the day, and Valari would sometimes lay in bed for hours simply enjoying the silence that met her ears. It was peaceful, and something that she was significantly more in control of. As she got older, Valari began to allow herself to enjoy the outdoors after night had fallen. Sometimes, when she was unable to will herself to fall asleep, Valari would sit in her favorite outdoor chair and count the stars. 

Instead of being fearful of the nighttime noises, Valari learned to love them; the wind rustling through the trees, the creaking as the house settled, and the unidentifiable rustling became her closest friends. 

It was one of her greatest disappointments to realize that other people did not feel the same.