Exploring Cyberpunk

For me, the beginning phases of a project are the experimental ones.

That's exactly what I'm in the middle of right now as I poke at the beast that is cyberpunk. There is a very specific world I see in my head, one that has a very specific feeling. Defining this vibe and everything it stands for in a visual way - something that makes others feel the same way I do when imagining it - is one of my biggest goals with this thing I'm tentatively calling a "project". Follow my process on Patreon here.

In a world where people technologically modify their bodies, Ethan Akula - a man who obtained his mods illegally - begins to receive blackmail letters. These letters state that unless he follows the instructions given to him, the authorities will be notified of the legality status of his mods. However, when the required tasks become more complex and even more out of line with his morals, Ethan is left wondering where he stands.