Li Marsh


If anyone knows pain, it's Li Marsh. (Born 3466 AD)

However, rather than letting the pain of abuse consume her, Li decided to take the opposite path.

She has taken black roses as her symbol - a sign to all those who receive them that their debt is about to be paid. Those who were once the perpetrators have become the victims, begging for mercy at her hands. The roses symbolize pain and death; they're both a warning and a threat. Li has mastered blurring the lines between morality and immorality, with her only desire being to right the wrongs of those that cause others pain. She has often been revered as a modern day Robin Hood, though perhaps a shade darker.

Not everyone agrees with her methods, but that is far from important. No one would have the nerve to stand up to her, even if they knew where she was located, and people have long since learned to allow stories of her existence to become their own kind of folk lore. If black roses appear on your doorstep, you have been marked for death. It's a concept that can be easily painted as a fabrication of a someone's imagination.

Li Marsh has recruited others to assist her in this supposed fabrication.