First Came Lightning | One of a Few

In a world where the majority of the population has fallen victim to a man-made virus, those who are immune are not exactly welcomed with open arms.

Victoria Rosen is one of those immune to this virus.

This immunity comes with an added bonus - when a person who is immune is exposed to the virus, whatever they were doing at the time of infection plays a part in how their genes are modified. The result of this mutation can only be described as a superpower. 

The majority of these survivors are able to blend into the crowd well enough. They simply keep to themselves the majority of the time and act just as sick as the people surrounding them. However, for Victoria, it isn't that easy.

Her genetic mutation impacted her eyes on a physical level, and they have the unfortunate impact of glowing whenever she so much as thinks about activating her powers. This alerts everyone in the vicinity to her presence and means that she is not able to blend into the crowds as well as her fellow Immunes. 

This has led Victoria to run into innumerable troubles.