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For what seemed like hours, neither person said a word. Rueben was too petrified to speak, and the other seemed to be observing him, a small smirk playing across his lips.

There wasn’t a doubt in Rueben’s mind- it was Cruor. No one else could look so eerie, so intimidating. No one else could have such power radiating from their very being.

“Well, look at who we have here. Rueben, I’ve been waiting for you.”

As if the words had been the trigger, the man raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

It was a simple motion, it shouldn’t have been anything to be nervous about. But coming from Cruor, it was enough to make Rueben’s heart skip a beat. His eyes closed tightly, and he waited for death to overtake him. However, after more than a minute had passed and he was still breathing raggedly, Rueben forced himself to look once more.

The look that shone on Cruor’s face was nothing short of amused, and it made Rueben feel useless, despite knowing that was likely the point. There was something about the atmosphere that made the thoughts impossible to fight.

Letting his eyes dart to the side in shame, Rueben couldn’t help but notice that they were no longer in front of Cruor’s castle. It had probably happened when the man had snapped his fingers - they had probably been transported to somewhere he could be better disposed of. The panic wouldn’t stop its assault on his mind, and before long Rueben found himself shaking in fear.

“Honestly, I was expecting more from you,” Cruor’s voice reached Rueben’s ears once more. “You’ve been training long enough. As a matter of fact, you’re five years overdue.”

Then Cruor was snapping again, and Rueben collapsed to the ground. 

It felt as though a weight had been taken off of his shoulders and settled itself on his soul.

“How did you know that?” Rueben finally managed to gasp out. “Five years ago-”

“Don’t act so surprised.” Cruor’s voice had taken on an almost bored tone, and he rolled his eyes. “You’ve been training long enough, you knew what you were getting into when you stepped foot on my planet, much less had the nerve to cross my bridge. You were signing your death warrant. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun first.”