The Fivefold Circle

The Fivefold Circle is the collective name for the five gangs that hold a significant amount of power over the planet of Metallokis II.

After the start of the Great War, what little established government had been attempted on the planet quickly fell into shambles. The people were enraged with their own kind, especially since the majority of them had not been on board with the Second Relocation in the first place. 

A large number of people, especially those that had been largely against the government's decision, split themselves into five separate gangs.

Though there is still an established government on Metallokis II, the general public is much more likely to listen to the threats of one of The Fivefold Circle than they are those of the government. The relationships between the Fivefold are rocky, and they are constantly in flux. They go through cycles of war and peace, though grudges of past wrongs still continue to haunt them even in times of peace.