The Masquerader (Evelyn Archer)

Evelyn Archer (Born 2542 AD), also known as The Masquerader, never felt like she fit in.

Growing up, Evelyn was surrounded by wealth; she was born into it. At first she didn't think anything of it, but as she began to age, Evelyn watched as her two brothers began to twist into distorted versions of themselves. They began to adjust to the attitudes and arrogance that surrounded them, and Evelyn decided that she didn't want to follow in their footsteps.

As Evelyn had always been a fan of the dramatic and was especially confident, she was the perfect candidate for a band. She is the lead singer of Monochrome Allegory, an all girl group that she started with her best friends. The genre could be considered experimental rock, and she loves to write about her experiences with life itself. She explores these experiences through lyrics that are fairly cryptic, but she finds that to be part of the fun.

This fact in combination with her fashion choices, is clearly at stab at her mother and the environment she grew up in. She tends to dress in the space between girly and punk, often even refusing to dress up for the rather formal parties her mother hosts.

Because of her very obvious love of the dramatic and several other circumstances that she prefers not to think about, Evelyn spends some of her time as a vigilante that she fondly refers to as the Masquerader. Since the government system on Metallokis II has long since lost its control, Evelyn isn't particularly worried about who knows her identity. Because of this, she only uses a masquerade style mask to cover the area around her eyes, leaving her rather signature hairstyle exposed. This is more for aesthetic effect rather than anything else.