Timeline - Istara

  • Ancient/Origins Unknown - The Burning Tree.
  • Ancient/Origins Unknown - The Fountain of Seeing.
  • 3153 AD - First Relocation. Humans land on Istara in great numbers, causing the Vistians to flee from their homes and go into hiding, due to the knowledge they have of the destruction humans bring.
  • 3462 AD - After many years of living in hiding, the Vistians finally decide that they have had enough and make themselves known to the humans. A peace treaty is struck between the two species.
  • 4679 AD - Second Relocation. This time, a Relocation takes place on Istara - both the Vistians and the humans are split exactly in half, with one half being sent to another planet - Metallokis I. Rumor has it that Earth has suffered a Second Relocation as well, with half of their population having been sent to a Metallokis II. The Vistians are enraged by this turn of events and the betrayal of the humans.
  • 4680 AD - The Great War Begins. As a result of the tragedies the humans have caused, the Vistians turn on them and the Great War begins.