Timeline - Metallokis II

  • 4677 AD - Metallokis I and II Created. Scientists, assisted by astronauts, develop and build two planets and send them into orbit. One of the planets, destroyed by Metallokis II, was a trading post, and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost.

  • 4679 AD - Second Relocation. Much like the previous Relocation, the population of Earth is split exactly in half. However, Istara is also involved in this Relocation, with half of their population being split as well. The Vistians, the natives of Istara, are enraged by this betrayal.

  • 4680 AD - Civil War/The Great War. As a result of the tragedies the humans have caused, the Vistians turn on them and the Great War begins. During this time, Earth, Istara and Metallokis I are all rid of as many Humans as possible.

    • Binary Tears (Novella) - Humanity's desperate attempts to create artificial intelligence that will assist them in war.

  • 5763 AD - The Great War finally ends, after over a thousand years. The Humans have sorely lost, and most everyone is dead. There are only a few remaining Humans, and the planets on which they once lived have been repopulated with different species'.