Wandering Roots


One thing remains the same through the ages, despite the world changing around it. 


No matter where you are at on the timeline of the World of Immensum, pain is sure to follow. Wandering Roots shows only one of these unfortunate souls and implies thousands more.  The longing Brennan (the boy depicted) is experiencing is nothing short of  homesickness. Unfortunately, there is nowhere for him to return home, as the place he desires no longer exists. 

In his lifetime, Brennan has seen the world crumble around him; the city in which he was raised became decrepit in front of his very eyes, a shadow of its former self. After what could only be called a man-made apocalypse hit Earth, people became far too weak to keep up.

Brennan is one of the few humans who has not yet been infected by the virus that led to Earth's demise, but part of him wishes he had been.