With Wings to Fly


With Wings to Fly depicts a young woman with hope in her eyes.

A woman by the name of Olivia stares up at a butterfly, an array of flowers set atop her long, blonde hair. This imagery is nothing short of a representation of her personality and overall outlook on life. Olivia is known among everyone who has met her - from friends to acquaintances - as an optimist. She prefers to look on the bright side of things instead of dwelling on reality. Sometimes this optimism is so overtly inaccurate that it borders on irritating, especially when the world seems to be crumbling around them. 

Despite this, it is hard for people to be upset when they are around her. The optimism is contagious. People enjoy her company, and they tend to appreciate her most when it seems like there are no good people left in the world.

As time passes and Olivia ages, the world begins to wear on her. She struggles through the situations that surround her, and by all definitions of the term, has a rough life. Even though these circumstances would be easy to chalk up as a representation of the world as a whole, this woman remains an optimistic ray of hope in an otherwise darkening Earth.